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Here at Live 2 Dance we teach a variety of styles of dance and have instructors in our network covering areas such as Caterham, Oxted, Spalding Boston and more. Find out more about our classes on our Facebook Page or our Zumba Uk Facebook page and sign up for our news letter. We have lots of new classes about to open in the future so please pop back frequently.

We urgently need instructors in all areas. Train to become an Instructor, with our home study online training video tutorials. Below you will find a few videos to demonstrate the different types of dance.

Do you have pre-conceived ideas?

So many people have pre-conceived ideas about Line dancing. There are many types of Line Dance classes. There is the Country and Western style where people dress in western attire. This is the style that many people believe is the only type of Line dancing around but you could not be further from the truth. You only have to watch the videos below to see what Line Dancing is really about.

Sunset Bolero

Then there is the modern line dancing which is mainly choreographed to pop music. The styles of dance used are taken from Ballroom and Latin and club dance styles such as Mambo, Merengue and Salsa. Then there is New line which is very much anything goes! We dance to any type of music including Hip Hop, Funk and use a lot of Street Dance and Hip Hop moves too. So over the years Line dancing has changed to accommodate the new levels of interest by many generations. In fact many a time we have had three generations of family dance side by side as it caters for all are range and all levels of dancer. The videos above and below is typical of Modern Line dance.

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Electric Reel

Finally there is Nuline which is a lot more hip hop and funky style line dance.Line dancing is great for dancing to all genres of music using various styles of dance. In the clip above you can see we are dancing to an Irish Track so we are using more of an Irish style routine. This is more of an Advanced style routine as the steps are more difficult to execute, especially the Applejacks. In our training videos we show you how to do each one of the steps we do in this routine, when learning apple jacks make sure you have a couple of hours to spare.

Learn to Dance in 20 minutes using our
online Dance Instruction Videos

Our online instruction will show you how to dance the entire routine using a video tutorial. Each of the dances are broken down into small videos of 8 counts and then you can repeat the firt 8 until you master them then move on to the next 8. Once you have completed all the steps you can then put the whole routine together with one wall video and so on.

When you first start we would reccommend you start with the beginner level dances to master the names of the steps and how to do them. This way you will be dancing to music within about 20 minutes


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Salsa Solo

Learn authentic salsa steps to Salsa tracks whilst dancing Solo

We started teaching Salsa Solo around 2003 as we found a lot of people did not have a partner and found they did not get to dance very much to keep up with as ladies seemed to out umber the men in most dance clubs. Dancing solo meant that they did not have to wait for a partner to become available they could dance the whole time they attended the class. This type of class grew so much that we had to train more instructors to cover the classes demand. We are still looking for more instructors to cover other areas across the UK.

This video clip shows some of our dancers at a Christmas Party dancing one of our routines.

Watch our Online Video Tutorials

You can learn to dance by watching our instructional videos online. Join as a free member to gain access to some of the training To locate our current classes please use the classes link.
Please return for more updates we are currently uploading 400 video clips!


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