Drop Your Socks

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32 Count     4 Wall     Level: Intermediate     Choreographer: Christopher & Lindsay Petre, 02/7/09 March 15, 2010 12:07 pm
Music: “Speakerphone” by Kyle Minogue, 117 bpm. Start 16 counts after the vocal chorus starts


1-8, Toe, Heel and, Toe, Heel and, Walk, Walk, Right shuffle step

1,2 Twist R knee in touching R toe to side, twist R toe out touching R heel forward

& Step on R foot next to L foot

3,4 Twist L knee in touching L toe to side, twist L toe out touching L heel forward

& Step on L foot next to R foot

Restarts here

5,6 Step forward on R foot, step forward on L foot

7&8 Step forward on the R foot, step together on the L and step forward on the R

9-16, Forward, ¼ R hitching R, R shuffle ¼ L, Step-heel-walk ½ R, R “about face”

1,2 Step forward Left, turn ¼ right (3:00) as you hitch R knee (hook heel over L shin)

3&4 Step R to right side, step together on L, and turn ¼ right (6:00) stepping forward on R

5 Step forward on L

&6 On the “&” count, lift the R heel (keeping the ball of the R foot on the floor and popping

the knee) and drop to place the heels together as you turn ¼ right (9:00). For count 6,

similarly lift the L heel then drop to left as you turn ¼ right (12:00) placing weight on L

Easy option: on count 6 simply turn ½ right keeping the weight back on the left foot

7,8 Touch the R toe back, turn ½ right (6:00) stepping onto the R

17-24, ¼ R step L to L & dip down, Up, Down, Up, and step ½ L pivot turn, Step out, Out

1,2 Turn ¼ right (9:00) as you step L to left side and dip down, stand up leaning back on L

3,4 Dip down again, stand up leaning back on R

&5,6 Step on the L foot next to R, step forward R, turn ½ left (3:00) stepping onto L foot

7,8 Step the R out to the right side, step the L out to the left side

Optional arms: (7) cover right ear with right hand. (8) cover left ear with left hand

25-32, 2 hip bumps, Scuff-pivot turn ½ L w/ flick, 2 step full turn, Rock & touch

1,2 Bump hips to left twice placing the weight onto L

3&4 Scuff the R forward, step forward on the ball of the R foot, turn ½ left (9:00) placing

weight onto the L foot as you flick the R foot back

5,6 Turn ½ left (3:00) step back on the R foot, turn ½ left (9:00) step forward on the L foot

Easy option: simply walk forward R, L

7&8 Rock forward on the ball of the R, recover weight back on L, touch the R next to L

Style: for count 8 place the foot flat on the floor next to left, but no weight!



*Before you panic, I guarantee that you will always hear the areas the restart is

needed. “Speakerphone” is sprinkled with 4 count musical bridges that sound very

different than the rest of the song. So, if you start a wall and it sounds… funny…

restart! Follow this simple rule: there’s no restart on the first wall of the dance and

there’s NEVER a restart on the rear (6:00) wall, otherwise there’s a restart on

EVERY wall until the 3rd time you start on the left (9:00) sidewall when you will

need to restart TWICE in a row. (She’s singing “let the stars collide”.) After that

there are no more restarts needed. Dance will end on the front wall.