Standing In The Shadow

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32 Count     2 Wall     Level: Intermediate     Choreographer: Craig Bennett (March 2010) July 7, 2010 11:35 am
Music: One More Lie (Standing in the shadow of love) By Craig David Cd Single, Album

(1-8) Step Out, Out, Swivel Right, Kick and point, Sailor ¼ turn
1-2 Step right foot forward, Step left foot forward (slightly apart)
3&4 Swivel right heal in, Swivel out, Swivel in
5&6 Kick right foot forward, Step right next to left, Touch left to left side
7&8 Step left behind right, Make ¼ left stepping right to right side, Step left to left side (9.00)

(9-16) Jazz Box 1/4, Jazz Box 1/4, Cross rock recover
1-2, 3 Cross right over left, Make ¼ turn right stepping back onto left, Step right to right side (12.00)
4-5, 6 Cross left over right, Make ¼ left stepping back onto right, Step left to left side (9.00)
7-8 Rock right over left, Recover back onto left

(17-24) ¼ , Step 1/2 , ¼ Side, Touch and cross, Hold and Cross
1-2 Make ¼ right stepping forward onto right, Step forward onto left
3-4 ½ turn pivot right, ¼ turn stepping left to left side
5&6 Touch right toe next to left, Take weight onto right, Cross left over right
7&8 Hold, Step right to right side, Cross left over right

(25- 32) Rock recover, Behind ¼ step, Left rock recover, ¾ shuffle
1-2 Rock right to right side, Recover onto left
3&4 Step right behind left, Step left foot forward making ¼ turn left, step forward right
5-6 Rock forward onto left, Recover back onto right
7&8 ¼ turn left stepping left, ¼ turn left stepping right to right, ¼ turn left stepping left to left

Begin Again

Tag: After wall 9
1-2 Step right foot forward slightly out, Step left foot forward slightly out
3-4 Step right foot back in place, Step left foot back in place