Storms Never Last

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64 Count     4 Wall     Level: Intermediate     Choreographer: Heather Gronow (July 10) July 21, 2010 4:54 am
Music: Storms Never Last by Dr Hook (CD: Pleasure & Pain)

16 count intro, start on lyrics

On Right Diagonal, Cross And Cross, Hitch. On Left Diagonal, Cross And Cross, Hitch 

1-2 Cross left over right, lock right behind left

3-4 Cross left over right, hitch right (slightly turning to left diagonal)

5-6 Cross right over left, lock left behind right

7-8 Cross right over left, hitch left

Weave Right, Sweep Behind Side Cross, Hold

9-12 Cross left over right, right to side, cross left behind right, sweep right behind left

13-16 Step left to side, cross right over left, hold

Side Rock ¼ Turn, Shuffle Forward. Full Turn (Moving Forward) To Left, Step Forward, Hold 

17-18 Rock left to side, rock right to side turn ¼ right

19&20 Chassé forward left, right, left

21-22 Step right back turn ½ left, step forward left turn ½ left

23-24 Step right forward, hold

Mambo Step, Hold, Coaster Step, Hold 

25-28 Step left forward together right, step left back, hold

29-32 Step right back together, step right forward, hold

½ Pivot, Step Forward, Hold, Back ¾ Turn, Cross, Hold 

33-36 Step left forward, ½ pivot turn right (weight on right) step forward left, hold

37-38 Step right back (turn ½ left), step down on left (turn ¼ left)

39-40 Cross right over left, hold (facing front)

Vine Left, Rock Forward, Back, ¼ Turn Shuffle Forward 

41-44 Step left to side, cross right behind, step left to side, rock forward to right

45-46 Rock back to left, step right turn ¼ right

47&48 Step left forward, bring right top left, step left forward

Lock Step Forward, Hold, 2x ½ Pivot Turns 

49-52 Step right forward, lock left behind right, step right forward, hold

53-56 Step left forward, ½ pivot turn right moving weight to right (repeat)

Cross Rock, Side Shuffle ¼ Turn. ½ Pivot Turn, Shuffle ¼ Turn 

57-58 Cross/rock left over right

59&60 Step left to side, bring right to left, step left to side (turn ¼ left)

61-62 Step right forward, pivot turn ½ left moving weight to left

63&64 Step down on right (turn ¼ left), bring left to right, step right to side