There are many types of Salsa and the styles depend on where the music originated from. Musicians from Cuba, New York, Miami all have their own unique musical interpretation and therefore the styles of dance vary accordingly.

What is Salsa Solo?

Salsa dancing is traditionally done in partner form. However the Cuban dance Salsa Suelta which is a form of Cuban Salsa dance in lines (no partner). Here at Live 2 dance we have created a systematic format of teaching Salsa Solo (no partner) from the LA style of Salsa, dancing on the 1. This system is unique to Live 2 dance as it is not taught like this anywhere else in the country.

We started teaching Salsa Solo™ to our dancers as many wanted to learn Salsa but were worried how they would cope as the music is fast. When we start a band new beginner class, we use pitch control on our music to slow the speed of the Salsa down this enables new dancers to cope with the new steps they learn as a sensible pace and gradually as our dancers gain experience and confidence we increase the pitch until we are playing Salsa at a normal speed.

What age range attends a Salsa Solo Class?

The most common question we are asked is am I too old or too young to learn Salsa Solo? You are never too old or too young to learn to dance. Often we have three generations on the dance floor dancing side by side.

Here is a video of people taking their very first Salsa Solo class

This video shows some improvers taking a Salsa Solo class.